From the labyrinth

slide1slide2-0715Songs From the Labyrinth was a performance of music from the Renaissance to French impressionism and beyond with a cast of voices, piano, multiple flutes and aerial acrobatics in the hidden recesses of converted factory Yuanfen~Flow 798 Art Zone in Beijing, China. Co-produced with the inimitably fabulous Kate Smith, and troopers too many too mention in a single breath.*


Excerpts from lyrics

  • Rose gardens … secret orchards… liquid lamentation
  • A lonely soul…in hidden dances…nymphs…secret shadows of  the leaves …the most restless spirit saddens
  • For we pass away as the wave passes: the wave to the sea, we to the grave
  • Charmed by masquers and revelers…sad beneath their fanciful disguises
  • The song of green frogs starting with the night
  • Cobblestones beneath our feet become foam…trembles and shimmers…curtain of  greenery…locked in his dark freshness

The event raised funds for NGO Chi-Heng Foundation that provide support to people affected by HIV/AIDS. Children’s art work, reflecting on an education program about HIV, was exhibited and auctioned at the event space.

*Musicians: Bruce Gremo (flute), Denny Xu (character), Debbie-Lee van Ginkel (dance), Heike Kagler (cello), Nine Gates Polyphony: Xiaoxiao, Sophie Smith, Ching-Ping Lin, Jenny Hsi, Heather Mowbray, Mariana Savchenko, Joshua Dominick, Calvin Quek, Robert Earley, Li Yao; Aloyse de la Ronde and Peter Behr (ukulele). Direction by Anita Boladeros. Lighting by Joshua Beard. Stage Management by Todd Higueras de Gonzales.

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